The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate

Photo Credit: Ray Urner Photography

-Personal Stats-
Name: Nick Radford
Height: 6'
Weight: 210lbs
From: Eastern, Oregon
Trained by: Buddy Wayne, Dr. Kliever
Education: BA in Criminal Justice, MA in Criminology

In the summer of 2013, Nick Radford took his first steps inside a ring at the DOA Pro Wrestling training facility under the tutelage of Dr. Kliever, ‘The Devil’ Drexl, Nate Andrews, and Quiz – and eventually made his in-ring debut as part of the tag-team NextGen.

Over the next several years, Nick traveled the west coast – from Bella Coola, British Columbia to Chico, California (sometimes in the same weekend), using art to prove his love of many things; including video games, felines, coffee, and most recently – culture and education, in the form of his erotic and romantic fan-fiction poetry.

Nick would seek to further his academic pursuits by enrolling at the Buddy Wayne Academy, where he would strive (and often struggle) to keep up with some of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Eventually, Nick became a mainstay of the BWA and would be afforded many opportunities, including being featured on WWE Monday Night RAW in a match against Braun Strowman.

Today, Nick has aligned himself with one of the best big men in the Pacific Northwest: Thom Alman, after both had discovered how much their goals, struggles, and interests overlapped. Together, Thom and Nick seek to educate the world on the science – and art – of professional wrestling as The Academy.

In his spare time, you can find Nick writing poetry or a blog for his personal website, collecting Pokemon cards, or just relaxing with his cat, Poutine.

-Social Media-
Instagram: @NickisRadford
Twitter: @NickisRadford
Personal Blog:
Podcast: Champion Shipping w/ Nick Radford (Apple, Spotify)
Merch: Brainbuster Tees

-Favorite Matches-
Nick Radford vs. ETHAN HD - DOA Pro Wrestling - Portland, OR
Nick Radford vs. Jack Stevens - Project 42 - Seattle, WA
The Academy vs. Brother Dragons - Lucha Libre Volcanica Seattle, WA

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