The Educated Enforcer

The Educated Enforcer

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-Personal Stats-
Name: Thom Alman
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 275lbs
Born: Agana, Guam
Style: Malevolent Power
Trained by: Buddy Wayne, Carl Randers
Education: BA in Biology, MA in Information Management

Thom's journey into wrestling began with a simple email to the late Buddy Wayne expressing a desire to learn the art of wrestling, an unrealized life-long goal. Despite drafting the email, it took six weeks before Thom had the courage to actually hit send and enroll at the Buddy Wayne Academy.

After a few weeks of training, Buddy pulled Thom aside and told him that he appreciates the effort and hard work, but it's unlikely he would ever progress to a point where he was having matches. Understanding the candor of the conversation, Thom took Buddy's words to heart but used them as motivation to work harder.

In late 2018, as wrestling was finally 'clicking', the idea of forming a tag team with Nick Radford was floated to both men. Initially, it made a lot of sense, giving Nick a bodyguard and an opportunity to reinvent his character, but over time both men realized how much they had in common. The Academy grew out of these shared interests and began to garner a lot of attention in the Pacific Northwest heading into 2020.

One of Thom's biggest regrets is not progressing fast enough to get Buddy's feedback on his first match, but he attempts to make Buddy proud through his work ethic, match quality, and professionalism.

Today, Thom utilizes his strength and size in combination with his intellectual prowess and old-school training from the Buddy Wayne Academy towards his desire to be recognized as one of the best big men in the business.

When he isn't in the ring, Thom spends his time learning about cyber security, baking, and working on a novel. He has recently also launched a personal website containing a science blog that will hopefully allow for an additional outlet for his love of writing.

-Social Media-
Instagram: @educated_enforcer
Twitter: @educ_enforcer
Personal Blog:

-Favorite Matches-
Thom Alman vs. Johnny Flynn vs. Pitfall Jones - DoA Wrestling Portland, OR
Thom Alman vs. ETHAN HD - Project 42 Wrestling Seattle, WA
The Academy vs. Brother Dragons - Lucha Libre Volcanica Seattle, WA

-For Dori & Vanya-

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